Publishing Events to the UGA Calendar of Events

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We hope you have been enjoying posting events to your Departmental web site. Congratulations for using this feature!

Up until now, if you've wanted to put events on the UGA Master Calendar you've had to submit a duplicate record of your event through their web site. 

You will be happy to know that we have developed a way for you to submit your events to the UGA Master Calendar at the same time you add the event to your Departmental web site. Follow the instructions below to learn how to use this time saving measure!

Table of Contents

Step 1: Create a New Event

A. Click "Content"

Once you've logged in, click the "content" menu item in the top navigation. 

B. Click "Add Content" 

C. Click "Event" 

D. Enter Normal Event Data

Finally you will enter the normal fields you would normally fill in to create an event but at the bottom of the page, you will see a new section called "UGA Localist Calendar Fields." Click that link and you will see the new fields. 

E. Enter Master Calendar Data

NOTE: Make sure your event is final and correct before following this process. Updating the UGA Master Calendar, after they have pulled your event in, requires manual updates and you will have to contact the Master Calendar administrators directly. 

Enter in the Localist Calendar Fields - see below. 

F. Click "Save" 

Step 2: Check to See if Your Event is on the Master Calendar

Your event will not automatically appear on the UGA Master Calendar. There is an approval process.

Once a day, the UGA Master Calendar will check your site to see if you have any new or changed upcoming events that have the Localist Calendar fields filled out.

All fields are required except the location information. You must have at least the UGA Building OR the Off Campus Location field filled in - but not both are required. You do not have to put data into the UGA Building and Room number field, if the event is off campus. 

If key fields are not filled out, then the event will not be in the information that automatically goes out to the UGA calendar, so this section must be complete. These fields are specific to the UGA calendar, and they are used to create the entry and to tag and categorize your event.

Once the UGA Master Calendar pulls your events into their system, the UGA Master Calendar manager will review your events and decide whether to approve the event for posting in the UGA Master Calendar or whether to decline your event. They may not feel your event has campus wide appeal and isn't appropriate. For example, Faculty Meetings or Department Specific events that are internal would not be approved. You only need to enter in the localist fields if you have an event that you think merits campus wide attention. 

You can check back to the UGA Master Calendar in 24-48 hours to see if your event was accepted. 

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