Use of Third Party Services for UGA web sites with UGA domains

Definition of "Official UGA Web site" 

An official UGA web site is one that provides information about official UGA academic or non-academic programs that advance the mission of the University.

A site is NOT considered an official UGA web site if it is a personal site for faculty, staff or student, a student organization site, a site dedicated to social or policy advocacy issues, or any other site whose exclusive purpose is NOT dedicated to the mission of UGA. 

If you believe your site is considered an official UGA site because it is exclusively dedicated to academic or non-academic programs that advance the mission of the University, to qualify as an "official UGA web site" two other requirements must be met: 

  1. Your site MUST be connected to a UGA domain
  2. Your site MUST include the use of UGA trademark and names according to the UGA Branding Standards for Unit Logos

We also strongly recommend that your site include the following elements:

  1. An explicit link to the UGA home page (
    You should include somewhere on each page an explicit link to the home page. The link should read either University of Georgia Home or UGA Home. This link can be HTML text or part of a text graphic.
  2. Link to school, college or division home page
    Departments and offices should provide clear links to the home page of the school, college or division within which they reside.
  3. Footer information
    Each page should include the following standard footer information:
    The email address of the person responsible for maintaining the page and responding user feedback: e.g. Feedback, questions or accessibility issues:
    The date the page was last updated: (e.g. Last updated: March 6, 2016).
  4. Academic Departments
    Academics departments should include all of the following features described above, plus:
    • Information for prospective students including links to Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate School admissions
    • Information distinguishing undergraduate program offerings (if applicable)
  5. Accessible design
    In association with the Disability Resource Center and web design experts on campus, EITS has selected and deployed LIFT, a server-based tool from UsableNet Inc., that dynamically generates customizable “text-only” views of websites. To make text-only versions of your pages, simply add a new link to your main page. The link could say, for example, “Text-Only Version”, and your URL link code would look like this:

    Transcoded pages also include a tool section by default, allowing the user to customize the page by changing font size, page colors and other functions. For more information about web accessibility visit

Using Third Party Hosting or Services

There are many different services you can use to build a web site for your UGA Department, Center, Institute, Program, Faculty, Lab or Student web site. These are services like, weebly,, for building and hosting a site, or you can have a site built by a third party web development firm and host your site on services like Godaddy, Pantheon, Media Temple, etc. There are a few rules you need to be aware of before making any decisions about using any of these options. 


  • Regardless of whether the service is free or paid, you are committing to terms of use on behalf of UGA - you must get the requisite approval through Procurement, UGA Legal Affairs, and Infosec. (is there a link I can send people to about this process?)
  • Follow the trademark and licensing requirements when using the UGA Trademark and Names.

If you do not want to go through the process of obtaining permission to use third party hosting for an official UGA web site, you should consult with EITS about the Free Web Standard Hosting service