Using OneDrive to store course materials

Complexity Level: Beginner

This is a beginner topic. Little to no advanced knowledge is required.


While eLC is the best option for storing course materials, those materials are only visible to currently enrolled students. The following instructions are provided for instructors who wish to share course materials to a broader audience including former students or students who have not enrolled in their courses. 

Step 1: Login to UGA One Drive

Go to: and login with your normal myID

You could also access OneDrive by clicking the hamburger icon and selecting OneDrive from UGA WebMail

Step 2: Create a folder to hold your course materials

After you login you will land in your OneDrive space. Click the "+ new" button in the top menu (see below) 

Then click "folder" (see below)

When the popup asks for a folder name, give it a name that seems relevant and click the blue "Create" button. For example I have used "Course Materials" as the name of the folder in my example. (see below)

You should be at your file listing now and will see the new folder you just created. 

Step 3: Share your folder with anyone at UGA

Sharing this folder with anyone at UGA, means that anyone with a UGA myID will be able to view these materials. If you want to restrict access to the materials to active students, it is best to use eLC. 

Place your mouse over the new folder you created, and you will see an icon that looks like a curved arrow. That is the share icon. Click that little icon (see below) 

You will see a pop up labeled "Send Link". There is a little drop down box that is preset to say "people you can specify can edit". Click that drop down box. (see below)

Then choose "People in University of Georgia with the link" and then make sure the checkbox that says "Allow editing" is unchecked. (see below) 

In the next pop up, click the "link" icon to get the link to the shared directory you created. (see below)

Now you can paste this link in the "Personal Website" section of your personnel page.

Anyone that clicks the link will be asked to login with their UGA myID in order to access the shared directory. (see below)

After you put this link in, you can go back and view your personnel page to make sure it is working. (see below) 

You can create as many documents and files and subdirectories in this shared directory as you need, and link them separately if you would prefer. If desired, you could create a folder for each class section you teach so students can reference course materials from courses they have taken from you. You can also download the OneDrive app to sync files automatically.  More information is available on how to use the OneDrive app via the EITS Helpdesk


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If you need help logging in, please review this login help document. 

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