Alternate Website Hosting Options

If you have received a notice from EITS or from Franklin OIT indicating a shutdown of your web site due to the decommissioning of a service or system, here are some curated alternative hosting options for your website. 

Franklin Research Drupal Sites – No Cost

Franklin college provides the hosting for Drupal web sites through a 3rd party cloud service provider. Site owners are responsible for moving the content from your existing site to a Franklin Research site. We provide a single theme that meets the UGA Brand requirements and there are some eligibility requirements available from the linked service page. Website content management is the responsibility of the lab and training and documentation are provided. Site service reliability, and security updates are all handled by Franklin Web Team. If you are interested in this site, there is a request form linked to the information provided in the link above. 

Few Examples of Faculty using this service

More information here: Research Lab Website Service

Google Sites - No cost

Google Sites is a free web hosting service offered to UGA faculty, staff, and student organizations. The service is managed by EITS. Please refer to their service page for more details about the service and how to request it.

More Information here: Google Sites

eLC (D2L) Hosting for Course Materials - No Cost

Franklin OIT's Instructional Technology Team can work with you to identify the appropriate location to store instructional and course-related materials.

More information here: eLearning Commons (eLC) Support

Departmental Personnel page – No Cost

All faculty have a personnel page on their departmental web site. It is a single page, but has the ability to display a large number of data points. Included data points include, but are not limited to: Demographic and contact information, Affiliated units, Office Hours and location, Biography, Education background, Awards and other notable achievements, Courses taught, Research areas, Research interests, Selected publications, Labs, and Grant information.   Can be self-managed or managed by designated departmental personnel. Franklin OIT does not manage or control the content.

More Information here: Departmental Personnel Pages

Third Party Hosting of your choice – Variable Costs

There are many different hosting companies that provide services for all types of web sites. Please consult with us if you are interested in self-paid hosting arrangement and we can provide more specific recommendations based on your particular site requirements.  If you want to go this route, you must follow guidelines for using cloud services: We can assist with this process after we make an assessment about best fit. Any non UGA or USG service also requires a CESS and Information Security scan of the service prior to being allowed to host UGA data or use with a domain name.

GitHub pages hosting - No cost

If you have a basic HTML only site (not any sort of content management sites like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, a site with advanced programming languages, or the requirement of a database)  you may be able to move your site, as is, to Github’s hosting for no cost. As this would be a personal agreement, you would have complete control over the files, hosting, and even able to use a custom personal domain. It does not fall under UGA’s branding requirements but can be linked to from your personnel page on your departmental website if you would like to draw students or other visitors to your external site. If you want to go this route, you must follow guidelines for using cloud services: We can assist with this process after we make an assessment about best fit.  

(warning) This is a free service offered by github. Your repo will be public and can be downloaded by anyone. If you want to protect your repo from public downloads, you must use a paid account. 

If you would like us to assist you in migrating your website here, you would need to create the initial account and then we can help with the migration. GitHub provides extensive documentation for the various types of functionalities they provide.   Please let us know if you are interested in this option and we can review your site to make sure it is a good fit. We can assist with the migration but you will need to get the account setup. Here are the instructions for Github Pages Setup.

We do not provide ongoing support beyond assistance with getting started and a CESS and Information Security scan of the service will be required prior to use with a domain name.

More information here:

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