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Your departmental web site supports a number of different kinds of content. The homepage is organized by regions, and content from some of these content types are displayed in various blocks in these regions.

Table of Contents

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  • ArticleAllows you to post Departmental News
  • Basic PageAllows you to post mostly static information that changes infrequently (ie NOT news, events, directory listings, etc)
  • CoursesAllows you to provide basic information about courses
  • EventAllows you to post upcoming departmental events based on dates
  • Homepage Image Header
  • LabAllows you to post information about Research Labs in your department.
  • PersonnelAllows you to provide contact information, biography, CV, research, publications, etc for a Faculty & Staff directory
  • Research AreaAllows you to list the different types of research being done in the department.

General Homepage Diagram

The site diagram below shows an example site and how they have chosen to integrate various pieces of content in their homepage. 

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