What is JAMF?

JAMF is an Apple-specific management tool that helps Franklin College OIT provide a high level of service to our clients.  This tool has many features, but they collectively fall into three major areas:

  1. Patch management and App self-service: installing and updating software
  2. Deployment: automating the configuration of new devices to our standards
  3. Mobile Device Management (MDM) - configure permissions for common apps and security settings that comply with Board of Regents policy and industry best practices for security  

Why is Franklin OIT utilizing JAMF?


JAMF maintains an up-to-date inventory of hardware and software for each Apple device enrolled in JAMF.  Franklin OIT can utilize this data to make informed decisions on Apple devices, along with inventory data collected by Ivanti for both Apple and Windows devices.  Ivanti provides a comprehensive view, while JAMF offers additional metrics for Apple devices only.

Remote Assistance 

JAMF does not provide any remote assistance tools and we cannot use JAMF to view or interact with your screen.  We still rely on Ivanti's remote assistance tool or Apple Remote Desktop to provide remote assistance services to our clients.

Patch Management

As software developers release security or feature updates for their software, it is critical that Franklin OIT provides a mechanism for timely updates.  Keeping your computer up-to-date reduces the risk of unplanned downtime, data loss, data theft, or malicious software infections.  Historically, we have leveraged the Managed Software Center to provide these updates.  JAMF can operate in parallel with the Managed Software Center and provide a framework to use Apple's App Store and macOS update servers to provide Apps and updates directly from Apple.  Over time we will transition away from the Managed Software Center as we utilize JAMF to hand over these tasks to Apple's tools.

What devices will JAMF be used on?

JAMF is only for devices that run macOS or iOS.

Will JAMF allow Franklin OIT to monitor my activity or view my files?

JAMF does not provide access to your files or browsing activity.  JAMF allows Franklin OIT to view your system event logs and collects inventory information about your filesystem, hardware, and installed applications.  These tools allow Franklin OIT professionals to better understand and diagnose problems you experience with your computer. JAMF provides IT professionals with a better method of delivering the services we routinely employ to provide a professional and non-intrusive customer service experience.

Who can use this tool?

Only a specific subset of Franklin OIT personnel in positions of trust who are trained and authorized to do so.

Does JAMF comply with Franklin or UGA policies regarding sensitive or secure information stored on my computer?

JAMF is an industry-standard platform for managing Apple devices and is widely used by units at UGA and the USG.  The platform has been vetted by UGA's Information Security office for compliance and you can view their certifications here.  JAMF is a critical security tool that helps us meet security standards set by the USG End Security task force.

Will JAMF slow down my computer?

No. JAMF, as a management platform, does not have an agent installed which would use your computer's resources.  Through policy and configuration files, it can launch other applications like the Mac App Store or Software Update in system preferences when there are updates available, but you are still in control of when these updates are applied.

Can I install software or updates myself through JAMF?

Yes, in time we will be leveraging the JAMF Self-Service application, but for now, you can continue to use the Managed Software Center to install and update software.  Franklin OIT will continue to target and distribute licensed software through the tools at our disposal but will incorporate JAMF and native apps like the Mac Appstore to keep your computer up to date.

What if the software I want isn't in the JAMF Self-Service portal?

You may request for the software to be made available by submitting a ticket to http://helpdesk.franklin.uga.edu.  Please allow at least 10 business days for the software to be reviewed and tested.  Not all software is provided through the Mac App store and some licensing restrictions may prevent us from distributing a particular title.

Are JAMF services available on my personal laptop?

Unfortunately, our license only covers UGA-owned devices that are managed by Franklin OIT.

Can I use JAMF off-campus?

Yes!  As long as you have a connection to the Internet, JAMF will work no matter where you are.

Please note: this FAQ is only an overview of Franklin OIT's implementation of JAMF.  If you have questions or concerns about details that aren't covered here, please submit a help desk ticket at http://helpdesk.franklin.uga.edu or call our help desk at 706-542-9900.