Google Workspace

Eligible UGA faculty, staff and students have access to several collaborative tools offered by Google. These tools can be accessed by visiting and logging in using your MyID information and ArchPass.

The available tools include:

Gmail and Google Calendar are not included at this time. Additional help articles for Google Workspace at UGA can be found here:

Google Drive

Google Drive Support Documentation

Google Drive is an online storage space. Files can be uploaded to Google Drive and accessed from any device and shared with colleagues. Drive can also be used create shared drives; an online space where anyone who's been given access can upload files to share with the team. More information about creating shared drives can be found in the Google Shared Drives article.

An unlimited number of files can be stored in Google Drive, however only 750GB of data can be uploaded in one day. There are also limits to how large individual files can be. See the Google Drive Max Size Limits article for more details.

Google Docs, Slides and Sheets

Google Docs Support Documentation - Google Sheets Support Documentation - Google Slides Support Documentation

Google Docs, Slides and Sheets are services that can be used to create, edit and share documents online. These documents can be worked on simultaneously by up to 100 people. They can also be published so anyone on the internet can view them if they have the link. Docs can be used to create word documents, Slides can be used for slideshows and Sheets can be used for spreadsheets.

Google Forms

Google Forms Support Documentation

Google Forms is an online service that can be used to create surveys. When these surveys are filled out, Google Forms collects the responses and summarizes the results. Forms can be used to keep track of event registrations, create polls, or collect information.

Google Maps

Google Maps Support Documentation

Google Maps can be used to find the best route to another location. It can also provide turn-by-turn navigation.

Google Meet

Google Meet Support Documentation

Google Meet is a video meeting software similar to Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Google Keep

Google Keep Support Documentation

Google Keep is a note taking software similar to Microsoft OneNote. It can be used to take, organize, and share notes. These notes can contain text, images, and checklists. Keep can also be used to set reminders.


Jamboard Support Documentation

Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that can be used to collaborate in real time using a computer or mobile device. Collaborators can upload text and images, draw using a mouse or touchscreen and search Google from within the "Jam". Users on a computer can then present the Jam in a meeting using Google Meet.