Ivanti FAQ

What is Ivanti?

Ivanti is an asset management tool that offers remote inventory of hardware and software, remote assistance, and timely patch management. Franklin OIT will also use Ivanti to deliver and update software on supported systems, and to accelerate the process of configuring new systems.

Why is Franklin OIT utilizing Ivanti?


Ivanti maintains an up-to-date inventory of hardware and software for each computer Ivanti is installed on.  This allows Franklin OIT to make informed decisions on computer life-cycle replacements and software license purchases.

Remote Assistance 

Ivanti allows IT professionals to remotely assist clients, which results in faster response times and increased support availability. IT professionals will be able to work with you on some problems without waiting for an office visit, and will always ask permission before establishing a remote connection. Ivanti provides a notification icon on the screen when an IT professional is remotely connected

Patch Management

As software developers release security or feature updates for their software, Ivanti can automatically update your computer without any interaction on your part.  Keeping your computer up-to-date reduces the risk of unplanned downtime, data loss, data theft, or malicious software infections.

What devices will Ivanti be used on?

Ivanti will be used on all Franklin OIT computers, Macintosh and Windows operating systems, both on-campus and off-campus.  Unfortunately, Ivanti cannot be installed on personally owned devices or non-Franklin computers. Computers need to be online for the highest level of service with Ivanti.

Will Ivanti allow Franklin OIT to monitor my activity or view my files?

Ivanti allows Franklin OIT to view your system event logs, local file system, and provide Remote Assistance.  These tools allow Franklin OIT professionals to better understand and diagnose problems you experience with your computer. Ivanti provides IT professionals with a better method of delivering the services we routinely employ to provide a professional and non-intrusive customer service experience.

Does Ivanti comply with Franklin or UGA policies regarding sensitive or secure information stored on my computer?

Ivanti was selected by the Board of Regents for it's ability to meet security standards set by the USG End Security task force.

Will Ivanti slow down my computer?

Franklin OIT has configured Ivanti to run in a way that will minimally impact system performance.  Additionally, we have established a maintenance period of 12 am to 5 am to reduce the impact of necessary maintenance tasks.

Can I install software or updates myself through Ivanti?

Yes!  The Ivanti Software Portal Manager allows you to install Franklin OIT tested software whenever you want.  At this time, software updates will be handled by Ivanti's automated patch manager.  You can read a guide on how to use the Software Portal by clicking here.

Leaving your computer on but logging out overnight will help ensure Ivanti keeps your software up to date.

What if the software I want isn't on the Ivanti Software Portal?

You may request for software to be added to the Ivanti Software Portal Manager by submitting a ticket to http://helpdesk.franklin.uga.edu.  Please allow at least 10 business days for the software to be reviewed and tested.  Some software may not be available for deployment through the portal.

Are Ivanti services available on my personal laptop?

Unfortunately our license only covers UGA owned devices that are managed by Franklin OIT.

Can I use Ivanti off campus?

Yes!  As long as you have a connection to the Internet, Ivanti will work no matter where you are.

Please note: this FAQ is only an overview of Franklin OIT's implementation of Ivanti.  If you have questions or concerns on details that aren't covered here, please submit a helpdesk ticket at http://helpdesk.franklin.uga.edu or call our helpdesk at 706-542-9900.