DNASTAR Lasergene Software

This page serves to provide information about what is included in the DNAstar Lasergene license.


This software is currently available to members of the Cellular Biology and Microbiology departments within Franklin College. If you are within the Cellular Biology or Microbiology departments and would like Lasergene installed, please create a ticket at the Franklin College Help Desk.

Versions included in license: Lasergene 15 and Lasergene 17

Suite: Molecular Biology and Protein (also known as Structural Biology Suite)

Included Software

These are the applications that install with Lasergene 17. Please note that the red X indicates the application is not included in the license.

ArrayStar and GenVision Pro are not included in the license.

DNASTAR Navigator Information

When you open the DNASTAR Navigator you will see different categories of tasks you can perform.

Molecular Biology

All are available.


Please note that tasks with a red X are not included in the license.

Metagenomic and heterogenous samples, Multi-sample project analysis, and Variant Call Format (VCF) analysis tasks are not included in the license.