JAMF Self Service App

You might have found yourself here because you are wondering...

What is Self Service?

Self Service is an app that allows you to browse and install commonly used software on your UGA computer without the need for an administrative password.

How do I use Self Service? 

Self Service can be found by going to Finder > Applications > Self Service. Once you are there, you can see all of the apps that are available to you under the 'Browse' side panel tab. Self Service will allow you to install and uninstall software, install printer drivers, and other useful tasks. There are also some useful web links in the 'Bookmarks' section under 'Browse'.


What happened to Managed Software Center?

We are retiring Managed Software Center because the JAMF Self Service app is faster, more robust, and works outside of UGA campus networks.

What if an app I want is NOT in Self Service?

If you are not able to find the software you need under the 'Browse' side panel of the Self Service app, please submit a ticket to Franklin OIT and we can assist you with installing the desired app. If there is a high enough demand for an app that is not in Self Service we usually add it to the list. Also, certain apps can be installed in your User Applications folder without the need for admin, and more details on that can be found here.