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GradeScope is an online grading tool that is used to grade assignments and tests. This article will cover license costs, how to request licenses, and how to access Gradescope help documentation.

License Costs

The cost for Gradescope is $4 per student enrolled per course section, which is billed and renewed annually.

Requesting Gradescope Licenses

Departments should request licenses through the STF Base Allocation process. Requests are due by April 1 and funding notifications are typically returned to departments by August 1. Costs not covered by STF Base Allocation funds will be charged to departments in December.

When submitting requests, departments should estimate their annual usage for the current calendar year for budgeting purposes when submitting requests. When calculating anticipated usage, be sure to count enrollment for each course section (not headcount). For example, if a course has both a lecture and lab using Gradescope, students are counted twice – once in each course section. 

For licensing questions, please contact the Franklin OIT Helpdesk.

Using Gradescope

Instructors of record for courses should use the following process to create their account and then enroll their students in order to use the service.

Create an Account

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on the Sign-Up Button
  3. A Sign-up window will be presented. Select Instructor and fill out all of the necessary details
  4. Select 'University of Georgia' from the School drop-down box
  5. Click on the Sign up as an instructor button.

Using the System

  1. Once in the system, use the online guides to setup a course, add a roster, and configure assignment grading functions. Some common tasks are linked to below:
    1. Getting Started tasks: 
    2. Managing the Course Roster:
    3. Creating an Exam:
    4. Creating homework:

Accessing Gradescope Help

You can access help documentation directly from Gradescope.