E-mail Reminders

Our system can produce a list of e-mail addresses for all students in any class in a particular semester who HAVE NOT completed an evaluation. 

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: View Course List for desired semester

Click Course List. See below:

Step 2: Filter the results by semester

Click the drop down box that says "All Semesters". Choose the semester you are interested in and click the "Apply Filter" button. See below:

Step 3: Edit the settings

Click the checkbox for the class or classes you want to produce an e-mail list for, then click the button that says "Get emails for selected"

Step 4: Copy and Paste addresses into e-mail program

You will get a list of all students that HAVE NOT completed evaluations for the courses you selected. Simply cut and paste the email lists to a new email in your email program and send them a reminder. See below for some recommended wording for email reminders. 

Step 5: Recommended Wording

Dear Students,

Course evaluations are extremely important to our faculty. We noticed that you are enrolled in one or more of our courses but you haven't completed an evaluation for those courses. Please visit https://webapps.franklin.uga.edu/evaluation/ and login with your myID and password. We would be very appreciative if you would take a few minutes to provide feedback for your instructors. 

Thank you, 

Your Name