Web-based Course Evaluation SLA


This service level agreement defines OIT responsibilities as well as client responsibilities with respect to web-based course evaluations; the agreement also addresses common questions and procedures.

OIT Responsibilities

OIT will complete routine requests within 5 business days. If your unit has a time-sensitive request, please notify evaluations@franklin.uga.edu as quickly as possible. If your request cannot be completed within 4 business days, you will be contacted promptly with an explanation and a projected completion date.

In order to ensure that your evaluation is prepared on time, please use the following table to determine deadlines for providing critical information to OIT staff members:

Loading Course Lists
To ensure that the correct students are given access to the correct evaluation, administrators should submit a list of courses to OIT for processing (see below for format)
5 business days before start date of evaluation
Opening an Evaluation
In order to open an evaluation, administrators should submit a date and time to open each evaluation
2 business days before start date of evaluation

Editing an Existing Evaluation
In order to modify any of the questions on an evaluation form, the new format (which must be vetted, see below) should be submitted to OIT in order to implement the changes

15 business days before start date of evaluation


Pricing is based on the whether your unit is part of Franklin College, the number of types of evaluations you offer, and the number of course loads needed each semester. Many units have a single evaluation questionnaire for all courses, ie a single evaluation type. Some units want to offer a different evaluation type, i.e. a different set of questions, depending on the course being evaluated. Please refer to pricing below:

  • Franklin units: Free setup and annual cost for first evaluation type, $125 one-time charge + $500yr for each additional evaluation type
  • Non-Franklin Units: $250 setup per form plus $1000/yr per evaluation type for three course loads per semester. Each course load is $300 per load. 

Client Responsibilities

Please become familiar with UGA policies on End of Term Course Evaluations and Midterm Course Evaluations.

UGA policies regarding course evaluations can be found by visiting the following links:

Identify Primary Unit Administrators

Please identify your primary unit level course evaluations administrator; this individual will be responsible for conveying unit decisions to the Franklin College application developer. Units may have multiple administrators if desired. If your primary unit level administrator changes, please notify us promptly. It is required that the unit administrator be a non-faculty member of the unit's staff in order to minimize conflicts of interest. If there is not an administrative staff member within the unit, exceptions may be requested. 

Approve New Changes to Evaluation

When a unit intends to make changes to an evaluation, these changes should be approved by the department head before submitting the change to OIT. It is the department head's responsibility to ensure that these changes meet the standards and needs of the faculty in their unit.

Provide Course Lists to Be Evaluated

Please submit all course evaluation requests through the Course Evaluation Load Request Form.

Administrator Tasks

The following tasks may be completed via the administration interface available at https://www.franklin.uga.edu/evaluation/admin/login.php

  • Edit course roll data (enrolled students) at the unit level. We usually download course rolls after the mid-point to minimize editing. For example, by waiting until after the midpoint, we minimize the need for admins to remove students who drop the course late in the term.
  • Coordinate dates with OIT for load time of an evaluation, start time, and end time. See above for appropriate deadlines. A note regarding dates: if a time is not provided, an evaluation opens at 12:01 am on the start date; if a time is not provided, an evaluation will be closed at 11:59 pm on the day previous to the end time.
  • Manage the course list for the unit, which includes the following:
    • Remove extraneous classes (directed study, research, or breakout sessions)
    • Set instructors for breakout sessions/labs, if they are to be evaluated
  • Clone courses, where needed, for example, when there are multiple instructors for a course that need to be evaluated separately
  • Export evaluation data to Excel, when necessary, sharing the resulting file with cross-evaluating units, where appropriate
  • Monitor course evaluation turnout during evaluation period
  • Email students who have not yet completed evaluations for the unit, if desired, to prompt their participation. Generally, we do not provide results to faculty until after the due date for submitting grades.
  • Handle exception cases for units, such as students who require paper evaluations, students who want to turn in an evaluation after the closing time, or instructors who need to close an evaluation early, etc.

To request assistance with any of these tasks, please email evaluations@franklin.uga.edu

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