Cloning a course evaluation

When evaluating teaching assistants, visiting faculty, or additional instructors, you will sometimes need to create copies of existing course evaluations (as the additional instructors may not be listed in Banner/Argos). In our system, this is accomplished by cloning the evaluation; cloning creates an exact duplicate of the course information (including copying the course roll, automatically adding the students to the cloned eval).

Please note:

If you have access to multiple evaluation types, please note that the steps below are effective for the currently selected type only. (Thus, if you have a separate eval form type for TAs, you need to be "in" that eval type when you create the instructor and clone the course.)

Step-by-step guide

  1. Step 1: Make sure the new instructor exists

    First, make sure the instructor that you are adding is already in the system. Check the Instructor List on the main menu; if the instructor is not listed, you will need to Create New Instructor:

    (Note: If the instructor is a UGA student, faculty, or staff, please use the 81x number, so that they may check their results online; if not, make up an 81x, using text if necessary to ensure that you are not using a "real" 81x.)

  2. Step 2: Clone the course

    Once the new instructor is in the system, you can then clone the course. Cloning is accessed via editing the course (as described in Edit course evaluation settings):

  3. Step 3: Edit the clone

    After clicking "Clone This Course", the clone will immediately be created and you will be editing the cloned course. Just change the instructor dropdown to the new instructor (and any other necessary changes, such as end date), click "Enter Changes", and you're done: