Loading Courses to be evaluated

Step-by-step guide

Courses can be added two ways

1)   Batch Upload - We can upload evaluations in batch each semester for you.

2)   Self  Service - You can add courses on your own through a two step process.

Batch Upload by Franklin OIT

We have a simple form for you to fill out to request for us to load your courses each semester. Please go to our Course Evaluation Load Request Form. The Course Evaluation SLA requires a one week advance notice for course evaluations. The load date you specify must be at least 5 days from today and the evaluation start date must be at least 7 days from today.

Self Service

Step 1: Add the course

  1. Make sure to login at https://webapps.franklin.uga.edu/evaluation/admin/ . After logging in, you should be on the main menu.
  2. Click "Create New Course" - see screen cap below. 
  3. Enter the course information - see screen cap below. 
  • Course Name
  • Call Number
  • Period (including the time and days of the week the course meets). If you can't find the correct iteration of day and time for your course, please notify us at evaluations@franklin.uga.edu and we can add an entry to meet your specific scheduling of the course.
  • Semester
  • Instructor Name
  • Evaluation Start date: this is the date you want the evaluations to be available for students to respond to
  • Evaluation End date: this is the date you want the evaluation to close to student participation.

Step 2: Add the students who are enrolled in the course

You have two options for adding students: One at a time or by batch.

NOTE: If you add a single student using the one at a time method, you won't be able to use the batch upload. Batch upload only works if there are no students added to the course.

One at a time method

Enter the student ID (810 number), First name, Last name, and UGA E-mail address and then click "Add Student". Repeat until you have added all students. See below:


Bulk Method

Create an excel spreadsheet with four columns, no headers, in this order. Download this template if you want a file to work with.  See below.

  • Student ID (810 numbers)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • UGA E-mail address

 After you have completed your spreadsheet, copy and paste all of the rows and columns into the big text field, and click "Bulk Upload Students." DO NOT change any of the spacing that comes in from the cut and paste.

Step 3: Now you are done!