Change evaluation start and end dates

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Locate the course

To view all courses, click the "Course List" link. See below:

Step 2: Filter the results by semester

Click the drop down box that says "All Semesters". Choose the semester you are interested in and click the "Apply Filter" button. See below:

Step 3: Select the course evaluations you want to alter the start or end date for

First check off the courses you want to change the dates for. You can pick a single course, multiple courses, or all course. To choose a single or multiple courses, just check the checkboxes for the ones you want to change. If you want to select all courses there is a button right above the Checkbox column that says "Select". Click that and all courses will be checked. The button will change to say "Clear" once you have all checkboxes selected. Clear will just uncheck all the courses.

Next enter the new dates in the area titled "Limit Selections by Date". You can enter a different start date if you want your evaluations to start earlier if they have not yet started. You can enter a different end date to make them close sooner or later. 

Lastly, click the "Apply dates to selected" button to process your change.

See screen below outlining the steps.