Instructor Interface

The instructor interface to the Online Course Evaluation System was designed with bare minimum functionality (due to the widely varying technical familiarity and comfort level of the faculty back when the system was designed in 2005). Instructors log on to:

There, they are presented with a list of the courses they can see (ordered roughly by semester, then course name) with turnout numbers; each eval has a "Stats" link they can click for a more specific breakdown.

The content of the Stats page depends on several factors:

  1. If the evaluation period is still open, the instructor will not see results; they will see the number of students in the class and the number of evaluations that have been submitted.

    Depending on to which unit the evaluation is assigned, there might be additional information (such as the list of which students have and which students have not completed evaluations, complete with student ID numbers [81x#]). Not every unit has opted to have the student lists available to instructors; if the instructor needs a list for a particular class (or sets of classes), they can contact their course eval admin, who has the ability to generate such lists easily.
  2. After the roll due date for the semester to which the evaluation has been assigned has passed, the evaluation results will be displayed (for units who have opted to have that information displayed directly to the instructors; otherwise, they can receive exports from their course eval admin).

    If the list of students who had and who had not completed evaluations was present during the open eval period, it will now not be displayed; the list of students who have completed evaluations is never present at the same time as the evaluation summary report on the instructor view. Instead, at the end of the summary, one only sees the turnout numbers:

Again, the instructor interface (as currently designed) was intended to be extremely minimal in functionality; that interface does not have export capability (or other report-generating ability other than what is noted above).