How to Use the Ivanti Software Portal


The Ivanti Software Portal allows self-service installation of Franklin College's commonly used software titles.  The Software Portal includes site-licensed software as well as free utilities that you can install at your convenience.  If you encounter an error during the installation, or would like to suggest additional software to add to the Portal, please submit a Helpdesk ticket at


1.  In the search field beside your Start Button, type in "Portal Manager" and double click the application in order to open it.  If the Portal Manager app does not come up at the top of the search, click the Start button and scroll down to the P section then click "Portal Manager".

2.  Once the Software Portal launches, locate the software that you need and then click Install.

3.  After you launch the installation, you can view the progress of each installation by clicking the download icon at the top right corner of the Portal Manager application. 

4.  Once the software installs successfully, you should see the appropriate icons on your desktop or in the Start Menu.  The Portal temporarily displays success or failure status in the Status box, but closes the status once all titles are installed.