Creating a PDF

How to create a PDF from a document, website, or other file

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open your document, file, or visit the web page that you would like to create a PDF for
  2. Follow the appropriate steps to print your file.  Generally this will involve clicking on File in the menu at the top of the screen followed by Print (Ctrl + P is usually the appropriate keyboard shortcut)
  3. Select "Save as a PDF" or "Adobe PDF" and click OK
  4. Now, instead of printing, a window will appear asking you where to save your file


If you are trying to print a document and instead are seeing a window popping up about saving a file then the printer is probably set to Adobe, OneNote, or Microsoft XPS. If you want to print your file and not save in one of these file formats then you need to select your printer from the printer field before clicking OK in the print window.