Content Translation Service by Google Translate


This service level agreement defines OIT responsibilities as well as client responsibilities with respect to providing content translations by Google Translate

OIT Responsibilities

OIT will provide the Google Translate module as developed by the State of Georgia on any Drupal-based Unit level web site (Department, Center or Institute site) within Franklin College. We make no claim to the accuracy of translations provided because they are generated by Google Translate which is a 3rd party application. 

Franklin OIT will:

  • Install the module on your site
  • Configure the languages in the module
  • Add the translation tool to the header of your site

Client Responsibilities

Client is responsible for requesting desired languages. A complete list of available languages is provided here:


There is no charge for this service.

Requesting Use and Support

Submit a helpdesk ticket for Web site support to request this feature. Please provide the URL for the site you want to enable translate for and provide the list of languages you want activated. 


Why is this being made available? 

Most browsers do support translating sections of text or entire pages of text but you have to activate the translations on every page. This module allows you to select a language and the language persists throughout the user experience. It is a more seamless way for users whose primary language is not English to interact with a web site.

Can translations be corrected or changed? 

No, this is a 3rd party service and Google translate is responsible for all translations. You can report a translation as being good or bad by holding your mouseover a block of text. A pop up information panel will appear with the ability for you to provide one click feedback on the translation. There is no way to customize the translation or turn off the translation for certain pieces of text. For instance, when a translation is activated, it will translate all text (except within images). It will even translate names of people which sometimes causes an unexpected result. 

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