Franklin College Help Desk

The Franklin College Help Desk at allows Franklin College faculty, staff, and graduate students to submit requests for technical assistance.  Requests will be assigned to the appropriate team for resolution.

Benefits of Service

  • A single point of contact for individuals to request support for Franklin services
  • Able to route tickets to appropriate campus services outside of Franklin when necessary
  • Individuals can see all of their requests for support and responses in a single location
  • The system sends email notifications when a request is modified, updated, or closed
  • Increased transparency in requests ensures that all requests are responded to in a timely fashion

Requesting Use and Support

New Clients

New clients can visit the help desk to request support.  Should they have issues with submitting a request they can contact Franklin OIT through the following other methods:

Existing Clients

Existing clients can visit the help desk to sign in and submit requests for service.  Clients can report any issues with the help desk through the following methods:

Current Rates for Service

The help desk is available to clients free of charge.

Client Responsibility

  • Initiate support requests.
  • Notify Franklin OIT of any issues with accessing the help desk
  • Notify Franklin OIT of any changes in information regarding:
    • Department assignment
    • Office location
    • Individual requests

OIT Responsibility

  • Respond to requests in a timely manner
  • Assign requests to the appropriate team or individual
  • Generate tickets for requests that arrive through other means
  • Resolve requests and ensure that the resolution addresses the individual issue