COVID-19: Urgent IT Purchases and Reimbursement Guidance


To assist departments preparing employees to work remotely, UGA published a memo for departments needing to purchase IT equipment. This page provides specific guidance for Franklin College units in alignment with that memo.

Please be aware, some equipment is currently back ordered and/or pricing inflated due to demand.

Please work with Franklin OIT when selecting a product so we can do our best to ensure you do not need to return your equipment to campus for configuration

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Franklin OIT strongly recommends every effort be made to purchase equipment quoted by Franklin OIT staff through standard UGA purchasing procedures. This ensures the purchase is approved by the department and that the equipment can be setup and supported by Franklin OIT as defined in our Service Level Guidelines under Standard Support.

Please contact the Franklin OIT help desk to request a quote and arrange to setup equipment prior to pick-up.

Computer Peripherals

Franklin OIT defers to department heads for approving reimbursement for small computer peripherals purchases (e.g., keyboards, mice, monitors, etc.).

Please contact the Franklin OIT help desk to request a quote or advice selecting a product.  We will attempt to help you select equipment with minimal setup needs, but be sure to arrange any setup with us prior to pick-up.

Cell Phones, Wireless Hot Spots, and Home Internet Access

The UGA Wireless Communications Device (WCD) Policy provides guidance to departments with respect to purchasing or reimbursing employees for cell phones, hot spot devices, and associated service plans. Option 1 addresses University purchases; Option 2 addresses reimbursement.

With respect to reimbursement for home internet access, the WCD policy defines the following criteria: "Reimbursement to employees for partial business related internet access or other service plan access will be for 50% of the monthly access fee (excluding taxes and other charges) or $20 per month, whichever is less."

Costs associated with purchase or reimbursement of cell phones, hot spots devices, cellular or home internet access is the responsibility of the department. Franklin OIT defers to department heads for approving purchase and reimbursement requests as a result.

Additional guidance, suggestions, and resources related to home internet access are provided on our Tips for Teaching Remotely and Tips for Working Remotely pages.

Please contact the Franklin OIT help desk to obtain contact information for appropriate sales representatives if needed.