Classroom Technology Consulting Services

Franklin OIT supports over 200 technology-enhanced classrooms dispersed throughout the college, providing training and troubleshooting support for computers and audio-visual equipment.  In situations where classrooms experience an audio-visual equipment failure, Franklin OIT partners with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to provide a spare part when possible and assist departments with arrangements to repair or replace broken equipment.

Benefits of Service

Franklin OIT is available to serve as a single point of contact for classroom technology training and support.  We are available to provide on-site, customized individual or small group training using standard classroom equipment.  In addition, support staff are also available to help with standard maintenance (including bulb replacements and air filter cleaning), troubleshoot equipment problems, and serve as a liaison with CTL should additional action be required to get a classroom back up and running.  The Franklin OIT helpdesk ticketing system also provides faculty and staff with an easy-to-access method for tracking requests, progress, and resolutions.

Requesting Use and Support

For Franklin College faculty and staff requesting training or support with classroom audio-visual equipment, contact the Franklin OIT Helpdesk.

Current Rates for Service

Franklin OIT training and support services are available free of charge.

CTL consultation services are free, but standard labor and equipment charges apply for equipment maintenance, repair, and replacement services.

Additional Documents and Information for Service

Center for Teaching and Learning - 706-542-3456