Departmental Listservs (Add/Remove Members)

This instructional guide will walk you through the process of adding and removing members from departmental listservs.  

Step-by-step guide

  1.  First, open a web browser and navigate to 
  2. Log in:
  3. Navigate to List Management, then click Subscriber Management:
  4. Choose your departmental listserv from the drop down menu:
  5. We'll start by adding a member.  Enter member's information into the "Add New Subscriber" field. I typically use the " username" format.  Click Add to to complete:
  6.  Now, we'll go over member removal.  In the "Examine or Delete Subscription" field, you'll simply need to search for the member's email address:
  7.  Leave settings at their defaults, and choose to send an email notification, or delete without notification. Then select "Delete".  You can also select "Delete from all Lists":
  8. That's it, you're all set!

Add/Remove members in bulk

It is possible to add and remove members from listservs in bulk.

  1. Go to
  2. Login
  3. Under List Management (on the left), click on Subscriber Reports
  4. Click the Bulk Operations link next to Add Subscriber (even if your intent is to remove subscribers).

5. Select which listserv you want to manage.     

6. You will need to have a .txt file of whom you are adding or removing.  You would need a .txt file solely for removing members or solely for adding members.  The only way to perform both actions with one file is if you use replace, which will remove everyone and then add whomever is on your list.  You can name the .txt file whatever you like.  The format of the data should be email address name name and only one entry per line.  

      7. Choose the action you want to take. 

             Add will add everyone in your text file to the listserv.  If they are already on the listserv, it will replace their entry with the new one (so if they didn't have a name only an email specified before, it will be updated to include their name.  Or if you didn't include a name in your .txt file, just the email, it will update to remove their name.)  It will not create a duplicate.

            Replace will delete everyone currently on the listserv and then add the members specified in your .txt file.

            Remove from the list will remove the members specified in your .txt file from the one list you've selected.

            Remove from all lists will remove the members specified in your .txt file from all lists.

  8.  Choose file and browse to your .txt file.  

  9. Click Import

 10. Boom!  Done.

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