Installing Microsoft 365 on a Personal Device


This guide provides the basic steps for installing Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office 365) on to a personal computer as it is available from the UGAMail/Microsoft Outlook website.


  1. Login to UGAmail:

  2. Navigate to the App menu (Top-left dot grid)

    1. image-20240524-201013.png

  3. Select 'Microsoft 365'

    1. image-20240524-203411.png

  4. Click on the drop-down (top-right) 'Install and More' menu

  5. Select 'Install Microsoft 365 apps'

  6. From the new screen, select the ‘Install Office' button near the center of the screen. This will permit the installation on a personal computer.

  7. This will prompt to save a file. Once saved, click on the option to open the file to start the installation.