Media storage/streaming Consulting Services

UGA utilizes Kaltura for media storage and streaming. Kaltura replaces the recently decommissioned Podcast Server. Kaltura is a solution for storing and distributing digital content for course-related materials (through eLC) or non-course-related content via Faculty and staff can request Kaltura accounts and channels to upload virtually any kind of media files to

Benefits of Service

Kaltura provides a central repository for digital content and allows a great deal of flexibility for file types, sizes, security, and distribution methods.  Users have the ability to use Kaltura in conjunction with eLC, or externally for private or public distribution.  Franklin OIT provides training and support for Franklin College faculty and staff in collaboration with Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS).  Student support is available through EITS.  

Requesting Use and Support

For Franklin College faculty and staff support, contact the Franklin OIT Helpdesk.

For student support, contact the EITS Help Desk.

Current Rates for Service

Franklin OIT and EITS Kaltura support is free for UGA faculty and staff.

Audio and video equipment checkout from CTL is free to instructors using equipment in conjunction with courses listed in Athena.  Equipment checkout for projects not associated with an Athena course is available for a fee.

Additional Documents and Information for Service