Transferring Inventoried Equipment


Custodial Department Transfers can be made by updating the custodial chart string in the Asset Management database in the UGA Financial Management System. Departments also have the ability to change the custodian (end user), location (building/room), and off-site status for inventory items. Proper documentation will ensure that the equipment is properly accounted for and can be located during the physical inventory count. It will also ensure that:

  • Franklin OIT support has documentation of the location of that equipment.
  • If the items are being sent to surplus, they can be moved from the original departmental inventory to Franklin OIT's inventory during this process.
  • If the items are being retained by the department but are being re-purposed to a different user, the updated custodial information will revise the departmental inventory as well as act as documentation of the change in location and user of the items in question.


When transferring equipment between locations or departments, it is important to complete all of the steps below applicable to the transfer. The departmental inventory contact (AICO) will be able to answer any questions about the required information for each field.  In the Franklin College Dean's Office, that person is the Franklin OIT Business Manager.  For other departments, please contact Property Control for the name of the individual responsible for departmental inventory.

  1. Log into the UGA Financial Management System
  2. Change the location. Please also add any necessary comments.
  3. Update the custodian.
  4. Update the chart string information.
  5. Update the off-site status (If necessary).

For further information, please review the policies on the Property Control website.

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