Equipment Request and Allocation Process


The Administrative Services team works with Franklin units and the Dean's Office to coordinate the college-level allocations for instruction, research, and administration.  Requests for funds are considered as budgets permit.  The Deans office will solicit a call for proposals when funding is available.

Equipment Allocation Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to departments and other units in Franklin College and pertain to requests for state funds; requests for state funds are submitted and prioritized via the Franklin College Requests and Commitments System.  Units should create one entry for each item requested.  If items have dependencies, please indicate and group them together.  Requests for multiple low-cost items such as cables or DVDs may be combined.

Primary Computers

As budgets allow, Franklin OIT plans for a four-year lifecycle to provide one in-warranty computer for each full-time faculty and staff member. The college provides a number of recommended hardware options for desktop or laptop computers. Individuals are encouraged to seek department-level funding for custom configurations.

Department heads may provide more than one computer for a faculty or staff member, but these computers will need to be covered by department operating budgets or other funds and may receive limited support. Computer requests should be submitted via the home department for faculty with joint appointments.

See the Primary Computer Lifecycle Management Process for details on the timeline for computer orders as well as the procedure for submitting requests.

Network Equipment

The college will only fund requests for network equipment aligned with campus standards.

The college has transitioned its network support partnership (NSP) from the Bronze Service to the Gold Service plan.  The Gold Service plan includes the purchase and maintenance of network equipment by EITS.

Productivity Suites

UGA participates in the Microsoft Campus Agreement which provides a site license for Microsoft Office for Macs and PCs.  Departments will need to cover the cost if faculty or staff wish to use alternative productivity suites, such as WordPerfect.

Anti-virus Software

UGA provides a site license for TrendMicro.  Departments will need to cover the cost if another anti-virus software is desired.

Requesting Funds

Departments are responsible for maintaining an active queue of equipment allocation requests in the Franklin College Requests and Commitments System.  Requests for primary computer replacements should be submitted and prioritized by April 1.  The Primary Computer Lifecycle Management Process details more information about the timeline and procedure for submitting requests.  Other requests should be submitted when proposals are requested.

Allocating Funds

Primary Computer Lifecycle allocations are typically funded between April and June.

During any request period, potential requests are marked as "Under Review."  Once final funding amounts are available, requests that have been selected will be marked either as "Allocated" (i.e. the funding was allocated to a departmental account for purchase) or "OIT Commitment" (i.e. the request has been selected, but it will be purchased at the college level as a part of the consolidated order).  Requests that cannot be funded for any reason will be marked at "Not Selected" at the end of the request period.

Balances from Allocations and OIT Commitments are picked up for reallocation for other requests.

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