Audio & Video Mute Buttons


In a classroom with an AMX system housed in a space-saver cabinet, an instructor reports the computer audio or video suddenly disappears. A reboot does not solve the problem and adjusting the volume/unblanking the screen at the touch-panel has no effect.


The Audio or Video mute has been bumped into and accidentally activated on the AMX switch device. On the front panel of the AMX switch device (DVX2155HD-T), locate the Video or Audio Mute button to the right of the display screenâ??the offending button will have a red indicator light on it. Press the button to turn the audio or video mute off.

DVX switcher with audio and video mute buttons highlighted

The way the space-saver cabinets are constructed makes the front panel of the switcher device very vulnerable to inadvertent adjustments. If computer audio or video was working and suddenly disappears, chances are good that it was accidentally muted.