25Live Classroom Schedules

UGA's new solution for coordination of rooms, resources, courses, events, and exams across all three campuses is called 25Live. Faculty and staff can use the calendars in 25Live to look up classroom schedules, search for events, get information on the resources available in classrooms, and look for available rooms. When you have completed this brief tutorial, you will be able to use 25Live's search and filtering features to find information on every classroom, the upcoming courses, events and exams being held in them, and search for available rooms to hold future events.

Quick Search

  1. Navigate to 25Live and login using your MyID and password.
  2. To search for a specific room, in the Search Locations field, enter the name or number of the building where the room is located, then click "Search".

25live step 1

Quick Search Options

Users can also search by category, features, layout, and room capacity. Clicking the Categories + button, for example, will open a window that will allow users to narrow their searches to a specific campus, a region on campus, and type of room they're looking for:

25live step 2

Users with specific classroom needs can narrow their search using the Features + button. Clicking it will open a window listing the available technology options, seating types, building and room access options, and more:

25live step 3

25Live has a great deal more functionality than just performing searches. Users can find video tutorials covering location, organization and event searches as well as event creation at https://reg.uga.edu/faculty-and-staff/centralized-classroom/video-tutorials/

For course-related questions, email classrooms@uga.edu

For questions about events, email reserve@uga.edu