Is my unit's website hosted with Franklin on the Drupal Content Management System?


In Franklin, we use a content management system called Drupal to build websites. If you have ever used Wordpress, Joomla, Squarespace or Wix, these are all types of content management systems.

It is helpful to know whether your unit's site is hosted with us, and which version of Drupal your unit is using. This can direct you to the right self-help documentation. 

Drupal 9 sites and unit administrators

(as of July 2022)

  • All Franklin College provided Drupal sites are Drupal 9. 
  • Refer to this list to see which departments we manage and who the site's content administrators are
  • All content changes on the departmental sites must be done by the department's content administrator. 

My unit is not listed anywhere

A few Franklin units have very customized sites, or are hosted elsewhere.

  • The Lamar Dodd School of Art is a Drupal 7 site hosted by EITS.
  • Physics and Astronomy site is not hosted or managed by Franklin College. 
  • Some other centers and institutes are also not hosted by Franklin.