Zoom Classroom Kit Features and Suggested Use


Franklin OIT purchased and is in the process of installing 35 Zoom Classroom Kits for use in Franklin College classrooms to support HyFlex and Hybrid instruction. This document outlines the Zoom Classroom Kit's features, instructions for use with Zoom, and suggested use.

Zoom Classroom Kit Training Video

Below is a recording of one of the Zoom Classroom Kits training sessions.


Each Zoom Classroom Kit includes a touchscreen monitor, a wide shot camera, and a ceiling array microphone for use with Zoom.

  • Camera and Microphone for Zoom
    • No personal/lavalier microphones are needed
    • Ceiling array microphones will cover both the teacher as well as student interactions in class
    • The separate camera mounted in the back of the room allows for a larger area to be viewed by students not attending in person
    • There is a separate remote for the camera that allows the faculty member to zoom in or pan out. It also has 2 presets to allow easy positioning.
  • Touchscreen to help with annotation
    • Functions the same as Zoom Monitors, just without a built-in web camera or microphone
    • No need to touch monitors with fingers; it works with any standard stylus
    • Palm rejection will be enabled to assist with annotations
    • Franklin OIT distributed a number of stylus pens to each department for faculty use, and we're testing styluses for precision drawing recommendations

Using Zoom Classroom Kit with Zoom

We recommend launching Zoom from the instructor podium computer. Here are some reasons why:

  • All equipment needed for Zoom is provided – computer, camera, mic, annotation software
  • It's set up for use with existing room amplification systems
  • It's set up for use with existing document camera in some locations
  • You can share content from a laptop, tablet, personal device to instructor computer Zoom meeting by visiting https://share.zoom.us – just be sure to mute your device’s microphone and speakers first!

Click here for more information on how to use Zoom.

Click here for more information on how to use touchscreen monitors for annotations.

Camera Presets

We recommend using the preset buttons to control the camera:

  • Home button: Returns the camera to the "home" position
  • Button 1: Zoomed in to podium (close up of instructor)
  • Button 2: Zoomed into front of classroom (whiteboard/stage view)

The remote also offers buttons for pan and tilt (large round button) or to zoom in and out.

Click here to download a printable diagram of the remote as seen above.