Print Management

Franklin OIT provides print management services for networked printers.  This includes print queue management and availability.

Benefits of Service

  • Central access control management for networked printers and copiers
  • Mass deployment of devices

Requesting Use and Support

Franklin College faculty and staff can request support for managed printers or request that printers be added to print management by contacting the helpdesk at:

Current Rates for Service

This service is available at no charge to Franklin College faculty, staff, and graduate students for use with state-owned equipment.

Additional Documents and Information for Service

Need Help? 

Client Responsibility

  • Purchase printing supplies such as toner and paper
  • Report issues with printing or print management to the helpdesk for assistance

OIT Responsibility

  • Maintain infrastructure hardware and software to ensure the availability of the service
  • Provide quotes for printers which can be supported through this service
  • Troubleshoot and address issues related to print queues and print management