Data Backup for Desktops

Franklin College has identified a critical need within the college for a reliable and robust backup solution for desktops. To fulfill this need, Franklin OIT has established a relationship and provides management of the Code42 software solution at a cost-recovery rate.

Benefits of Service

Benefits of the Franklin OIT Data Backup Service for desktops using Code42 Software

  • The cloud-hosted service provides:
    • High Availability
    • High Performance
    • Secure
    • Flexible
    • Always-on / Constant backups of data as it changes
    • Unlimited data storage

Requesting Use and Support

New Clients

Franklin College faculty and staff can request more information on data backup services by contacting the Franklin OIT Help Desk:

Existing Clients

Franklin College faculty and staff can request support on data backup services by contacting the Franklin OIT Help Desk:

Current Rates for Service

UGA is currently evaluating Code 42 as a campus-wide desktop backup solution.  The rates below are suspended for FY23 and may change in FY24 depending on negotiations between UGA and the vendor. Clients interested in participating in the pilot should contact Franklin OIT utilizing the methods above.

  • Annual Code42 Backup Software Licensing (annual): $75/client

Client Responsibility

Clients are responsible for the following:

  • Initiate requests for new service, change on existing service, or support for services via the Franklin OIT Help Desk.
  • Purchase of any additional required items outside of this service, including, but not limited to, hardware, software, support services, warranty, cabling, licensing, or fees.
  • Sign and return any associated forms for this service including Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Proposal of Work (POW), and Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Develop data management plans, disaster recovery plans, and business continuity plans as applicable.
  • Manage the data recovery processes
    • (Additional storage may be required if restoring large data sets)
  • Utilize self-Help support available on the Franklin OIT Self Service Website

OIT Responsibility

  • Maintain and support the Code42 management portal
  • Maintain and support the product licensing for the software
  • Provide instructional assistance to clients on use of the system:
    • Documentation and examples on usage of the data backup services on the Franklin OIT Self Service Website.
    • Indirect or direct initial setup training on how to use the service and may assist with one support request per year up to one hour.
    • Data recovery requests, outside of self-service, and additional support will be available at cost-recovery rates.