Software Support

Franklin College OIT Client services team provides general software installation and license support for currently available software list that can be installed on UGA-owned computers within Franklin College.

Benefits of Service

  • Franklin OIT works internally to test new operating systems and applications before installing and supporting them, ensuring maximum functionality for faculty and staff within the College.
  • Franklin OIT can work with clients to transition off legacy software and operating systems to ensure continued functionality of systems.

Requesting Use and Support

  • Refer to our Supported Software list for a list of currently available software applications that can be installed on UGA-owned computers within Franklin College.
  • These applications can be self-installed using the LANDesk Portal (Windows) or the Managed Software Center (Mac OSX).
  • If you would like to request other software, or if you are having trouble installing any of the applications below,  please submit a Help Desk ticket at or e-mail your request to the Help Desk at Please be aware that some programs that work for Windows computers may not work for Apple computers and vice versa.

Current Rates for Service

There is no charge for the installation of software or license support. 

Purchases of software or license fees for software not on this supported software list will need to be paid for by the department. 

Additional Documents and Information for Service

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Supported Operating Systems and Applications