Install the UGA Alert software (Alertus Desktop)

This guide will show you how to install the UGA Alert software on Windows-based computers.  Following this process, you can install Alertus Desktop at your convenience.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click on Start menu and launch the Portal Manager.

  2. When the LANDesk Software Portal opens, find the UGA Alert / Alertus Desktop software, click it to select it (you'll see a check mark in the box), and then click the Launch button.  This will begin the installation process.

  3. The status will change from "Downloading" to "Installing", and then, when the installation completes, the UGA Alert option will disappear.

    If you have the old UGA Alert software installed, this process will uninstall that software first.

  4. After the installation is complete, click on Start, then All Programs, then Alertus Technologies, expand Alertus Desktop Alert, and finally click Alertus Desktop to launch the software.

  5. Look for the yellow icon in the taskbar to know the software launch successfully.

  6. Right click this icon and select "View a Test Alert" to test that the software is configured correctly.  You will see a test alert if everything is working as expected.

Additional Information

If you run into any problems, please contact the Franklin OIT Helpdesk by calling (706) 542-9900 or by submitting a ticket to