Data Recovery Services

When the need arises for data recovery services due to a physical or logical data storage failure, Franklin OIT recommends the following recovery options.

Professional Data Recovery Services

Drive Savers Data Recovery

  • Data recovery
    • Individual HDDs
    • RAID sets
    • Other Storage and media data recovery
    • Numerous regulatory and industry certifications in addition to proper clean rooms.
  • Cleared through UGA Legal Affairs & EITS: InfoSEC (1/2014)
  • FOIT-Recommended for data recovery services.

Chris has been our point of contact for past recoveries.


  • Pricing:  $3500 - $17K+ (RAID5 Recovery)
    • Educational discount is available/applied
  • Free evaluation and no charge if data unrecoverable
  • They pay shipping
  • Evaluation and recovery periods depend on service option
  • Important to note that they are vetted through UGA Legal and InfoSec as a viable vendor for data recovery services.  They have also been used by roughly a dozen people on campus by their records.  While their customer support (sales) people were not great, their technicians seemed very knowledgeable and honest about the options and chances of recoverability.
  • For Example: To recover data from a 7 x 1 TB RAID 5:

    - Economy Service:
    No charge if data is unrecoverable

    - Standard Service: $5,250-23,979
    No charge if data is unrecoverable

    - Priority Service: $10,500-30,401
There are numerous drive recovery software packages available for free and as a paid resource. If the data is not considered irreplaceable or critical, these software options may suffice to perform a more rudimentary recovery. Please note that these recovery software packages may damage a drive beyond the ability for a full recovery or reduce the length of time which data can be recovered. Use at your own risk!